Paul Summers / Paul W. Sammarco

Paul Summers (Paul W. Sammarco) has been singing and playing music since he was 10 yrs old. He has studied guitar, double bass, piano, and woodwinds from rock, jazz, and classical musicians. He has performed solo, in small groups, large orchestras, and choirs, and has led numerous bands in the United States and Australia.

Hang On to Your Dreams was Paul's first CD.It is an anthology and cross-section of his work up until 2000. He wrote, arranged, produced, and performed on the music. On this recording, you will hear how he combines meaningful lyrics with a memorable melody, smooth background vocal harmonies, a gentle acoustic guitar, and a rich, complex chordal structure. You will also hear many of the excellent musicians with whom he has played over the years musicians drawn from many places throughout two countries. The result is a memorable listening experience. Paul has always tried to compose using the standard, or (as they call it in Australia) the evergreen, as a model that is, a great song to be memorable upon first listening and designed to last not just a month or six months, but for decades a song to be enjoyed by generations of listeners. Listeners who have voiced their strong approval of this music have ranged from 12 to 85 yrs of age; that's 2-3 generations!

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